October 6, 2017


Dear Parent/Community Members,


Thank you for attending last night’s Town Hall Community Meeting. We appreciate your support and the many ideas that you, our community of parents, brought to us. We look forward to making the Town Hall meeting a regular occurrence to increase our level of communication. Please visit this site for more information on our Spring 2018 Town Hall Meeting.


To recap things that you can do now to assist with changing the culture of our District:


1. Please contact the Board Members expressing your concern about District priorities.


Follow the link on this page to contact the Board.  District priorities are reflected in spending. Demand that your Board spend your dollars in the classroom and NOT on District administrative costs.


2. Attend the Board Meeting on Wednesday, October 25th and speak to the ideas discussed at the Town Hall Community Meeting.


These include spending priorities, class size reduction, elementary school combo classes, and a reduction in District administrative costs.


3. Please reach out to your son or daughter’s teacher.


Inquire as to how they are doing and what they believe is needed.  Understanding  teacher support needs is the key to improving your child's educational experience.  Facilities, technology, and site culture all play a key roll in educational success and effective teacher support should be the primary goal of all district administration.


4. Please consider running for School Board.


We need Board members who are in tune with their community schools and their teaching staff.



Thank you again for your attendance and continued support.





The Palos Verdes Faculty Association is the representing professional organization for district faculty.